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Default Re: Will there be a Striper Season 2020??

Originally Posted by Rotter View Post
the board of ASMFC plans to explore a range of stock management options, including size limits and a coastwide circle hook requirement that will be instituted in 2020.

In-line circle hooks are known to reduce striped bass release mortality because they are more likely to hook onto the fish’s lip rather than its gut or gills. The stock assessment concluded that 48 per cent of striped bass mortalities came from recreational catch and releases, making it the largest cause of mortality for the species.

I'm not so sure about the circle hooks being better.....I find they gut hook quit a bit and are WAY harder to get out than a standard hook.

The CR Mortality data is crap and comes from Maryland...based on mostly trolling catches in warmer water.....of course those fish aren't gonna survive after being dragged and drowned while being pulled in.
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