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Yeahp, I've got to admit, I've made just about everyone of these mistakes...but I have to say the worst mistake I made is...I had one of those surf carts you put your cooler in and all your gear on to help you drag it down the sand. Well one Sunday my buddy and I caught 14 shorts and we decided to call it a night, get a little sleep in the car and come back just before sunrise. Well everytime we do this we drag the cart and all of our gear up behind the dunes and secure it to a pile with a chain. Well, in the middle of the night I was awoken by what I thought was thunder which was odd because there wasn't any storms forecast. I didn't think anything of it and fell right back asleep. The next morning we got up, headed down to the sand only to find a tsunami like rouge wave had come and whiped out everything. We found the cart, still attached to the pile which was broken off about 150 yards down the beach, completely bent, battered and half buried in sand, cooler gone, tacklebox gone, 5 rods gone, actually found one of the rods sticking up through the sand about 50 yards down the beach, 2 chairs gone, binoculars gone, I mean just about everything was gone or destroyed. All of the garbage cans on the beach were gone along with some lifeguard stands and other random things. I would have killed to see this wave. We lost about $2000 in gear. My plug bag with about 20 plugs gone, ugh it makes me sick to think about. From that day on we either take shifts watching the gear or we tough it out and drag it all the way back to the car.
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