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Anytime Rich, its a pleasure to be able to take part in any small way i can in your fine posts. I haven't seen bait on the South shore once this year. I knew bunker were around by the fine fisherman who brings them to west islip all the time but I never saw a live one all year(except off of the Laura Lee at night in their lights). In Montauk I have seen bait, blitzes and all the things I never see local. A couple of weeks ago I went out there for a few days and I stay at a friends at Roughriders on fort pond bay. The first night after my wife and son went to sleep I headed straight out to the lighthouse and followed the tide for a few hours. Towards the end I was in turtle cove all alone, first time I ever had that place to myself. Under that light house with a little rain going, even though I was skunked I think ill remember that night for awhile. I kept looking out to the far rocks to see if Terry was there but I didn't spot him 8). The next day my son wanted to fish so we hit the dock in the back on the bay. Mr. Yoshi was there with another gentleman and they were catching herring. I asked if he would mind if I shared the dock and get some for my son and he was very gracious. We had 6 hook sabikis and we were taking them up as fast as www could get them off the hooks. I brought a load of them into the shop so he could give some of the locals some bait and he was stunned and wanted to know where I got them. I told him the bay and he was right on the horn telling everyone herring were in. Later on I went back by the dock and I saw Yoshi with a bass, the only one I saw caught all weekend lol. Not being able to find bait local I rely on reports online and my local b&t's. I have been using tide and wind to tell me where I'm fishing on a given night.
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