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Hi Aemon - interesting stuff as it illustrates how difficult sorting priorities can be when fishing, particularly for those relatively new to the sport. All conditions are not created equal, therefor developing a top down approach, with the most important conditions at the top, is a good way to start.

Where wind direction is concerned, it is always the direction from which it is coming. A direct north wind will be hitting you square in the face if you are facing directly north. A nor'easter doesn't always blow from the northeast. It's a cyclic storm system that revolves counter clockwise, so when it comes up the coast, the backside winds will generally be coming down from the north and east. But depending on where the eye is, this can vary quite a bit.

As for wind and white water, these are sub-set condition of a larger picture. An important thing to remember is something I stated at least once in my post. That is "no amount of wind or white water can create fish or bait, they must both be present in order to be positively or negatively affected by either."

So, from the top down, you need bait to draw fish. If there is bait present, and fish are around, then the fish will most likely take up feeding stations near whatever structure is available, and it can be nothing more than a 1 foot ridge on the back of a sandbar. If that's the only structure around, then that's where I start first.

After that, you can then consider wind, white water and other conditions, as to how they affect the above. That's the simple version that I operate on most of the time when I fish a beach.

And you are correct, getting a feel for the open beach takes some time. You mentioned that you have checked out the beach at low tide. This is a very good thing to do, as it'll reveal important aspects of the bottom that may not be apparent at higher stages of the tide. So keep at it, think about finding fish from the top down, and after a time, you will find that when you walk out onto the beach, you won't see just water anymore, you'll see opportunities.

Thank you for your contribution.
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