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Default Re: Wind and White Water

When trying to get info on wind direction it can get confusing. Half of the services tell you where its coming from and some actually give the direction its blowing. It took me a few times out just to try to figure out the actual wind direction lol. I always thought a noreaster wa wind blowing northeast. I thought this made sense as everything I read tells you that you want the wind blowing In your face and the wind blowing north will blow all the bait into our south facing beaches, must be why everyone loves them and there is good fishing after one. Bzzt wrong lol. White water is another tough one as most times this season I would hit the beach there would be 3 or 4 rows of big breakers and mist of the surf was covered in white water. I have had some aha moments, seeing pictures of what an outflow looks like or seeing a break in a wave line showing deeper water, aha that's it. I'll get on the beach and after a lot of walking I won't be able to pick out what u saw in the photos. I'll wind up looking for what I think might be a point or look for a lot of clam shells but needless to say I haven't caught much off the beach lol, couple of sea robins actually had me excited. I have tried looking around at low tide to more easily identify some kind of structure but when I come back later on it doesn't look like what I perceived it should be. I still keep at it, eventually something will click but I find myself going after bridge pylons or old jetties as at least I have a real piece of structure to Target. On the beach I feel its just a casting practice session. I won't be giving up the beach as I love being there but it has been the hardest fishing to get good at that I have ever done.
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