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Default Need reel advice (punn intended)

Hey everyone hope all is well. The last time I posted I gained a wealth of info so here is another question. I am looking to buy two new reels for topwaters. I primarily fish 4 wipers ranging from 5 to 8 lbs. I have a lot of luck throwing deep into weeds so when I get a hookup I have to turn their heads quickly. As all of you know wipers will also run pretty hard a times. The biggest hang up I am having looking for a reel is the low capacity of line they are able to carry. I am wanting something I can put a comfortable amount of 14 or 17lb test on. I have searched the Internet and 90% of the info suggests mono for topwaters, any objections to this theory? I have narrowed my choices down to the new Abu revo inshore, or the Diawa zillion (mostly because its so cool). I have held the zillion but not the revo inshore. Any suggestions, anybody have either of these reels, or am I analyzing this too much? How many of you are faithful mono topwater users, how many of you use braid with a leader, and is that braid to leader connection strong enough to hold when I need to bear down to get a fish out of the weeds? When I talk about weeds they aren't soft and green, these are big hard sticks that are 5 to 8' deep. Anything will help, thanks
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