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Question Where did all the fish Go in RI Area ?

Can anyone tell me where the fish went in the Connimmicut to Blue Beach areas or any where in between ? Birds have been few and far between and to far out for the "Cheat Sticks" when they are around . I know I heard about a small fish kill in Wickford .

Can anyone PM Me with any info you might have please ? I have been fishing with a young man of 14 all summer . He started out fly fishing for trout with a fly rod that I gave him and he tried the salt last weekend and LOVED it , he could not wipe the smile off his face . But I was not able to get him hooked up . Since he is the future of this sport , i don't want him to become to discouraged .

His parents are not comfortable with him going out on Breakwaters and they would prefer he not go wading . So it has to be from the shore in a cove or back bay some where . They would also prefer that he is not out late at night , so I have to take him during the day . Since the evenings have gotten cooler , the fish seem to be scarce all over, or is it just me ?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have , as I would like to try and get him hooked up this weekend when we go out .
Thanks Again and Tight Lines,
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