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Default Fishin report from a fishin junkie

New to the site and wanted to give my 2 cents.Plum island has been decent, though the fish I have seen have all been little tinkers.Fish the low tide is the only time, really. I live in portsmouth so the trip down there isnt really worth it now that I have had some sucess in the Piscataqua.I fished Peirce Island down past 4 tree island and caught 2 nice schoolies using a yo-zuri mackeral pattern.I was fishing about 3 hours into the incoming tide. As I worked the shoreline towards the mouth I found some pretty deep holes that looked very accomidating to a striper, but i think the water temp is still to cold for most of them.I have heard reports that upriver has been the hot spot so far.I was talking to a guy at Suds N SodA in greenland who said that the lamprey river dam in newmarket has been stellar as of late due to the alewives being corraled under the dam.Fish to 25 pounds have been taken there.I fished up there about an hour after low tide and therw everything at them with no sucess.When you spot a school of alewives, you throw a weighted treble hook into the school and jerk it on the retreive, hooking the alewives, then livelineing them with a balloon.I think i may try that spot again, about an hour or 2 before high tide. I fished hampton a few days ago and didnt catch anything.I had a little guy follow my yo-zuri, but he wasnt anything to get excited about. Any one who has good spots to fish from shore I would love to hear abotu it!
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