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Talking Re: What size to buy tackle bits 'n bobs? + diagrams of rigs?

I've been looking for a thread like this, so thank you.

I'm only 2 outings-old into surf and inshore fishing and am wading through all of the jargon, techniques and such to figure out where to start.

I prefer to keep things simple, but am always evaluating price vs. performance.

I bought up a bunch of well lauded lures while I had a $10-off $50 Dick's coupon. I experimented with fishing several of them on the Metedeconk river at the end of my street :) I've got the water column covered.

However, I'm still uncertain about my terminal tackle setup for hooking all this stuff up to allow the lures to operate at their best and then figure out effective tackle for bait fishing. I haven't tried fishing with bait yet.

I'm targeting stripers, blues and then summer flounder for the table here in NJ. I fish in the Metedeconk and out on the ocean beach in Ocean county. [I see the new regs were just adopted here, one striper of 28"+, a second striper of 43"+].

I'm on a single pole, Penn Battle II 8000 combo with 10' MH 2-6oz graphite rod loaded with 400yds of 20# mono.

For lures, I was thinking of getting a goood quality Spro or Sampos 100#-150# ball bearing swivel with welded ring + coastlock and tying that to my main line with a Palomar knot. Attaching lures right to the coastlock.

For bait, fish finder clip on main line, bead, then 100-150# welded rings ball bearing swivel, then tying on red or black wire (not sure on test) or 80#+ test flouro to a Gamma 7/O or 8/) octo hook.


Not sure on simple flounder rigs.
- Dan G. -
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