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Default Mono line???

OK! I would like to know if mono line is the taboo, caveman way of fishing that everyone is making it out to be! I love braid, but I also love mono! I know each has it's merits and it's flaws! Personally I like using mono! But from 99% of the fishermen out there, I'm stupid if I don't go to braid exclusively! I've been fishing for forty years, I started with mono way back then, I've went to braid and tried it for a few seasons, but I see myself going back to mono! Is it wrong? Or is it what a person is comfortable with! I see all the advantages of braid, it's not like I can't tell the differences! I gave it a good try, but I still love mono line! Am I wrong? I've read threads with people saying, It's people set in there ways, and don't have an open mind about new stuff and so on! I've made all the right adjustments with my tackle so I could use braid, from the reel, to the rods, to backing off on the drag etc..! So! Is using mono such a bad thing?

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