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Default Re: Braid Line keeps breaking during Casts???

This was brought up to me by a fellow who could not understand why his knot failed.. "I taught him to tie it so that's why I was baffled" ... seems he didn't take the time to do it right... Not saying anyone else does it wrong.. I made him tie it right in front of me and this is while fish are bustin... he was so irate that I made him stop what he was doing for a lousy bluefish and tie it.... now... was he tying it half arsed because he wanted to fish again or... did he just not SEE wtf he was doing wrong?.. when that reverse tie is not tied directly on top on one another on the way back to the hole.... when you cinch down on that knot it WILL set down and form to where you can pull it shut BUT any of those return winds that overlap one time will pull across the knot and "eventually" cause the knot to fail... if you scraped that one errant wind once it will start to unravel the knot like a piece of spaghetti in your mouth.. and even if you didn't scrape it it would eventually fail as it will overtake the others with tension or just casting motion.. with this said,, I've seen mine fail,,,,, the knot didn't but the mono shock leader snapped like a twig.. this man was ill equipped to fish that knot as he was not paying attention and made this flawed mistake on who knows how many occasions.. so armed with the correct way to do it... not certain he will have the eyes to make sure but confident he will get it right every time from here on end... lesson learned... hey,, mike is absolutely right... that knot gets frayed? yes It can fail... all braid is succeptable to fraying and not much one can do to avoid that unless you keep an eye on your business end before you cast your lure/plug... sometimes I fail to check basic things like my rod connection or my knots and it can be the start of a really bad night if you screw up like that in the dark... I've had issues with braid loooong ago... if casting wasn't bad enough it was the learning curve.. for anyone thinking this sport doesn't come with difficulties or setbacks once in a while they're lying... we all have moments where we see the flaw and really HATE what it is that creates it... but I've laughed off so much stuff over the course of decades of mishaps i don't find anything surprising...

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