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Default Re: Braid Line keeps breaking during Casts???

Here's something I discovered recently. I am a resident of Houston, and fish for bass in area ponds. I have fished all my life. As a rule, I did not rely on a leader, but because of the presence of concrete walls and pipes where I fish, I needed to add a heavy leader. I began tying 30lb mono to a main line of braid, and started doing so with a double uni-knot. I switched to a modified-Albright, because I heard of its superior break strength and low profile as it passes through guides. HOWEVER, what I discovered is that the friction from the Albright moving through the guides seems to degrade it until it fails. Try tying a leader on with an Albright knot at your house, and then scratch it back and forth with your fingernail fairly aggressively. I bet you can make it fail! (And yes... I am using enough turns...lubing the line... and cinching the wraps tight.. and making the tag end exit the loop the same way the main line entered it.) I think that's what's happening to you. I found this post because I was looking for info on failed Albright knots. I'm going back to the double uni-knot until someone can convince me that I'm missing something in the build of a modified-Albright (and I've watched about 25 videos on it so I think I have it right). Good luck.

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