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Default Just got my first Yak! Need advice on a rod

Hey all-

Im in the market for a new rod and could use some advice bfore I head to local b and T shops. Currently I usually go plugging and use a 7' Med-Heav power, Medium action St. Croix Tidemaster Rod. Rated for 10-20 lb test, 1/2 - 1oz. Works great for schoolies and have caught some keepers as well.

I need a 2nd, versatile rod. I'm looking for a rod that I can throw some bigger plugs and when necessary some bait, eels, sandworms, etc. I've bought a kayak that I'm eagerly waiting to put to use. So I'd also like to do a little trolling with this rod- nothing crazy, prob just a tube/worm.

I really like my St. Croix, so maybe I could just pick up a St croix rated for heavier plugs? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Is it reasonable to think that I can find a rod that I can use for bigger plugs, and some light baits and trolling? I won't be throwing big chunks of bunker with weight on it... I have a beat up, ugly stick I us for that.
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