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Default Re: Braid Line keeps breaking during Casts???

Alrighty thennnnnnnn..... do what i say. Dump the fifty for thirty yo zuri. THROW ANY AND ALL TRILENE LINE OUT! The above mentioned alberto/ simple simon knot will take a few tries till you get it right. But after you tie it... lock it with an overhand and hit it with pliobond or knot sense. Your leader can be shorter so it stays outside of the guides when you cast.(not what is universally reccomnded as you want mono/fluoro on the reel... however, in your situation i dont want you to lose any more pluggage). Sending a plug into the outer stratosphere wont get you any distance casting pats on the back. Cast short from the beach in a clockwise fashion from 10 to 2 o'clock. THENNNN Cast further out as to not spook the fish on the retrieve that are most likely at your feet. Untill you have mastered thewhole braid thing? I would first test cast a 2oz weight so as not to lose any more wood. You dont always need a shock leader but some plugs will warrant a swivel. So a modified albright from braid to shock leader -
-swivel - fluoro.

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