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Default Braid Line keeps breaking during Casts???

I am new to surf fishing so I may be doing something obviously wrong but I have lost two lures on back to back weekends due to my line breaking during casting. The first time, using braid line connected to a 15" fluorocarbon leader throwing a 2 1/4 oz plug. The line broke right at the albright knot connecting the braid line to the fluro line. After doing some research online I came to the conclusion that this was due to increased loading during casting causing the line to snap. I decided to try using a shock leader on my next time out. I attached my braid main line to a 15' mono shock leader using an albright knot, allowing for multiple wraps around the reel. Again, I had the same result. On my third cast the line broke right at the albright knot.

9' Surf Mojo 3/4-4 rod; Shimano Spheros 8000 reel; 30lb PP braid; 50lb tirlene big game mono shock leader; 50lb YO-Zuri Fluorocarbon leader.

The surf Mojo has small guides, could it be the albright knot is getting caught in the guides and breaking? I also have an 11' Ocean Master rod that I use for bait and I use the same line 30lb pp and same leader and shock leader, and have never broken the line and I throw 5+ oz's with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to surf fishing and loosing brand new 12-15$ lures every time I go out is getting frustrating.
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