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Default Re: What size to buy tackle bits 'n bobs? + diagrams of rigs?

Originally Posted by lozwell View Post
Awesome thread! I have a question. I was fishing the cape cod canal this past weekend for stripers. To cut a long story short, an old timer started fishing next to me, and was explaining that my setup was wrong, as I had a lot of big swivels and snaps (Fish Finder setup) and that the stripers would see all of this and stay away from my line. He also said to never use a wire/steel leader, as stripers will stay away from them, best to let a blue take it... Now, all this being said, I passed it off as "oh boy, just someone elses opinion...". That was until he caught 4 stripers in 2 hours!! (3 under size, but 1 at 32 inches). He was using a 50lb braided mainline with a small 50lb barrel swivel and 3ft mono leader to a 5/0 hook with Mackerel chunks, no weight, just letting it go with the current and chuming Mackerel... So, that being said, does a wire/steel leader really put off the stripers, and do they stay away from big brass snaps and swivels??
Let's just say you got some good advice from a guy who knows what he's talking about Hard to say exactly what a fish sees, and often that depends a lot on the clarity of the water, amount of light, etc. Depending on those factors, the fish could be hunting by sight, smell, or the vibrations in the water, but keeping your terminal tackle to a minimum is always sound advice.

Plus... when the current is running hard in the CCC, it's going to be really tough to get a fishfinder rig to do what it's supposed to do. Drifting chucks, eels, or fishing with jigs/lures are usually much better options in the canal, especially when the current is ripping.

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