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Default Re: What size to buy tackle bits 'n bobs? + diagrams of rigs?

Awesome thread! I have a question. I was fishing the cape cod canal this past weekend for stripers. To cut a long story short, an old timer started fishing next to me, and was explaining that my setup was wrong, as I had a lot of big swivels and snaps (Fish Finder setup) and that the stripers would see all of this and stay away from my line. He also said to never use a wire/steel leader, as stripers will stay away from them, best to let a blue take it... Now, all this being said, I passed it off as "oh boy, just someone elses opinion...". That was until he caught 4 stripers in 2 hours!! (3 under size, but 1 at 32 inches). He was using a 50lb braided mainline with a small 50lb barrel swivel and 3ft mono leader to a 5/0 hook with Mackerel chunks, no weight, just letting it go with the current and chuming Mackerel... So, that being said, does a wire/steel leader really put off the stripers, and do they stay away from big brass snaps and swivels??
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