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Default Re: president or senator....

Before I continue cruising for info on reels (Daiwa BRI system), I wanted to chime in about the Social Security rant.

When Roosevelt set it up, it was set to not only pay for itself, it was set to make the government a small percentage. By the numbers, it can never bankrupt unless there is a decline in population.

So WTF happened? A certain republican president needed money to set up democracies in third world countries that never wanted/needed that type of government and a shiney new laser defense system for outer space(it was Regan in case you don't want to use google).

Well, he did not break the system, only cripled it. It was the Bush family that finished it off. Don't get me wrong, Clinton and Obama know that it has to be fixed, but are not doing anything about it. Why won't Obama fix it?

::gets off of soap box::
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