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all i know is if one person reads this stuff and is made aware and responsible then i'd be happy. but when your dealing with mother nature? your at the mercy of the laws of average and the laws of nature. again i have to pass on condolences and although i'm an advocate for safety and self preservation.... i have trembled at near catastrophic instances where i was all knowing of the consequences. a prize plug lost on an errant cast was in reaching distance of my rod. i ventured all too close to the edge of the deepest part of the ridge and with water up to my chest and current trying to pull me sideways? my rod tip locked onto one of the trebbles. i retrieved my prize plug and backed to the rocks shaking like a leaf... i called a good friend to explain what happened only to realize how close i came to disaster for a freaking plug... i mean..... a plug??? i was alone and felt the need to throw caution to the wind. so it's my belief that although we know all too well of the dangers we subject ourselves to on any given day? we are human and can very well change our minds and make the most trivial of the most unpredictable..... what i'm really trying to say is.. although we know danger lurks? we have this bulletproof little man on our shoulder saying "gee zim, seems pretty simple to me - or - a real man would just climb out on that jetty and take the punishing surf like a man..... you know,, stuff like that... it's the moment we are faced with a smart/intelligent and clear sober thought of the situation that takes precidence over our inate and ingrained manly man intelect that causes us to make decisions that can sometimes neer avert disaster. hope i have made another contribution to this thread.. (or not)

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