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The wet suit craze has hit almost every one. The benefits are they float you. Make sure you pick the right thickness 3,5, or 7 millimeters. The thicker the warmer. By november I use 7. Better to be warmer than risk hypothermia.
waders & a dry top are great but they're not for me in big water or rips. I love waders in calm to moderate surf. If i don't feel safe i go for my wetsuit. A pfd was also mentioned, Mustang Survival makes great stuff. it has a whistle sown in to it. i will wear an inflatable PFD over a wetsuit in certain situations. In situations where being swept away is a concern I'll keep force fins slung over my shoulder with a rope.
Korkers are a must, but so is a sharp knife with a lanyard. A back up knife is also a great idea because 2 is one & 1 is none in a tight spot.
At night a strobe light is essential or at least a pair of glow sticks.
princton tec makes an eco flare & under water kinetics has a dependable head light.
never fish tired or above your comfort level.
Best Wishes & Be Safe!
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