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Default Experienced opinions wanted for spooling braid.

I have been very fortunate this year. A decent job and a healthy family have allowed me to enjoy some fishing, and the holidays have brought upgrades into my gear locker.

I now have a couple of nice Shimano rod and reel combos that I will be spooling up. I'm interested in trying braided line, as these reels are "braid ready" and the rods were designed with braid in mind.( smaller eyes).
SO, I'd love to hear some ideas from braid users. The rods are Tiralejo 9' and 10' surf rods, bought on a 50% off sale, and the reels are a Saragosa 8000 and Sustain 8000, both leftovers from '07 stock. Great gear at good prices, way beyond my usual needs. l'll be surf fishing sandy and rocky shores, jetty fishing and inlet fishing channels and marshes. I would generally use 15-20 lb. mono for the lighter stuff and 30-40 lb mono for the bigger surf and eel casting. I have searched the forum and read up quite a bit on braid, as well as talked to tackle shops, but I'd rather get advise from people USING the stuff than people SELLING the stuff.

Your experiences shared will be appreciated.
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