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Default beginner setup opinion plz

Hey there surf guys/gals, I am from upstate and I am going to have the opportunity to get down and fish the south shore 2-3 times this year (around Jones Beach)...but I don't have a surf rig. Reading here tells me a 9ftM 1-3 will likely cover casting. I don't expect to be throwing bait at first. If anyone has experience with this gear I'd love to know what you think of this 5 days a year combo.

Okuma Cedros: $110 12.4oz

KastKing Sharkey3, 5000 size: $60 10.5oz

Open to other options, love the price:weight ratio here, and that the rod has lifetime warranty, but if its crap, I can move along.

I know there are a bunch of rods/reels in this price point
Tica USGA was another I was looking at, tsunami T2 9mh, penn battalion etc etc.

Have a great fall run!
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