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Default Re: best paint for lead jig heads?

I'd like to update my post from last September re powder paint.

I was bummed before because after all the work of powder painting them & curing them, they still chipped & were a super pain to strip for re-painting.

THEN I discovered where I found pro-Tec powder paint & specific times & temps listed to PROPERLY cure powder painted jigs (different for most colors).

I put the painted jigs in the oven & start "pre-heat", when the temp reaches the proper setting I start the timer. When the timer goes off I remove the jigs immediately, drop them in a pan of cold water, that's it. No fumes, no thinners required or any of that, & the paints in the containers don't dry out like liquids do.

If you're using a good oven be sure to put a pan or something under the jigs as if they're painted too thick the excess paint will run & drip off.

Be sure to clean out the jig eyes before you cure them or you'll be sorry.

What a difference!!! I can now take one of my painted jigs & literally THROW it against a rock, concrete floor etc. & I mean throw it hard, & the lead jig will dent underneath the paint but the paint will not chip

I kid you not! I didn't believe it either 'til I tried it.
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