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Default Frustrated Newb!

I'm sure many of the experienced fisherman on this site will look at the title of this thread, shiver in fear and scroll right passed it in hopes that some other willing and helpful angler will offer their opinions. I hope to someday have that luxury although knowing how difficult it is to get started in this sport, I'll do my best to pass along what I've learned. In any event, I'll try to convey my frustrations without getting too specific on location. I purchased my state 4x4 permit and, being that beach access is very limited in my area (Central South Shore), I've made one trip to the only location I know is open (let's just say the beach I'm fishing is on the north side of a well-known inlet and it "sticks out"). The one time I went out there it was middle of the incoming at night and I was using a 1 1/2 oz bucktail. Let's just say the trip was less than successful with my biggest accomplishment being that I didn't get a birds nest. I was having difficulty feeling the bottom with the lure as I was trying to bounce it along the floor. I'm not asking for a complete tutorial on how and when to fish this particular location. I'm just looking for some answers on a few questions on similar locations:
  1. How do you know what you're doing in the dark?
  2. What type of structure should I be looking for?
  3. Traditionally, which tide is best: incoming, outgoing or slack?
  4. Is my lure profile too large for this time of year?
Although this is my second year I've read a ton of articles, books, and threads so I think my gear set-up is legit. I do realize that putting the time in and learning your location is critical and first and foremost but I'm just looking for someone to point me in the right direction.

Any insight or comments are always appreciated. If you prefer to PM me I would be most grateful and will ensure our exchange will remain in the highest of confidence.

Thank you,

Joe the
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