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Default Re: The Open Beach Ė What you donít see matters.

Hi dasterfish - Sorry to hear of your pain but I can relate some. Ripped my knee up last June on a jetty tip when I took a wave while down landing a fish. Getting old is no fun LOL.

Your best bet, and the time is coming soon, at least in these parts, is to fish chunk bunker on a fishfinder rig. I use conventional exclusively for all my chunk fishing, but regardless of the setup, most of the fish in the areas I fish are in tight to the beach. The south shore of Long Island has a lot of inshore and near shore sand bars and the troughs between the shore and the bars are a good place to start.

Many times the fish are in tight to the beach, particularly at night, so long casts are not only unneccessary, you will actually be casting over their heads. June is a great month for chunking the open beach in my area, and it's closing in fast.

Good luck to you and I hope your wrist gets better soon.
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