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Default Re: The Open Beach Ė What you donít see matters.

Hi, Rich.

I'm only about one year into this new adventure, probably a little older than you, and with a lot of distance to travel yet. This is very helpful information, it's the kind that I can take to the beach or the rocks and use to learn next "thing" I need to learn.

I have a great instructor, he's famous, he knows who he is (!). My first couple of hours with him last year was learning about waves, beach, structure, safety and more. It was not about fishing. It was a great way to start and there is so much to learn!

I landed my first striper a few weeks ago, not concentrating on fishing but on casting technique, mixing up the presentations and trying to get the hang of picking up the line on the bailess reel. I got interrupted when a schoolie hit the popper! I brought him in at my feet (I was calf deep in my hunting boots), cut him some slack, he shook the plug and away he went.

I am looking forward to reading your contributions so I can learn more. Thanks for doing this.
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