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Default Re: Vega Duplicator upgrades and fixes

Originally Posted by Rickski View Post
And lets no forget dust collection. My wife gets pissed if I get her car dusty... and if it gets on the wifes car, then it gets into my lungs. I can wash the car.

I just went to remote control on mine,I hate walking all the way across the shop to turn on the dust collector when i use the band saw or drill press.. what I hate more is having to walk back across to shut it off.... by having the remote, I'll turn on the dust collector to cut one piece.. it not only saves me time, but I'm more inclined to use it for singe piece cuts or to drill a few holes...

anyone that doesnt have an air purifier in their shop.. I highly recomend it.. my shop has less dust in it than the house does!
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