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Default Re: Coating with e-tex

Originally Posted by Sudsy View Post
The torch method woks well for clearing the bubbles but it's not very forgiving - make a mistake and yer screwed (I've made a few mistakes)

I use a hair dryer and breath into the back of it = warm C02.
Works well and there's no chance of messing up with a torch.

Be sure there's no lint build up on the dryer screen or you'll have lint in your epoxy.
That's a great idea with the hair dryer. Why does the CO2 matter? I do have a sheet of hepa filter from 3m that I custom cut for my window unit A/C. Originally I was going to use either a micro torch or a heat gun. The heat gun is similar to a hairdryer but much hotter, although it does have 2 heat and 2 speed settings.

I have a question on using the lathe I have access to. It is only like 1200rm at the highest speed.-Should I use regular gouges or use the tools that we have with the lathe that fit in the chuck. All the bits are super sharp but most are pointed or flat-similar to parting tools. I don't think we have any that are cupped like a gouge. Ah what the hell I quess I just try them and take very light passes

The other thing I'm going to weld up is like the attached picture. I will use a chuck on the bottom so I can attach different items to it. I may also just make a homemaid lathe if I don't or can't get the Shopsmith I'm going to look at.
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