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Default Re: Coating with e-tex

I use E-tex because It works grate for me, I can obtain it locally where as the other products you name are un available here... I'm happy with it, and have figured out how much to mix and how many I can cover per mix... why change a successful formula...

As for paint.. I use mostly Delta cerama coat... it's cost effective and comes in a variety of colors... I can buy a quart of it for the price of one small bottle or createx.....Anita works great also...

For air brushes I use mainly Iwata BCS.. I also have a pair of Bagers.. a 175 Cresenda ,, which I spray all my pearlized paint... a 150.. that is crap.. It's a spitting hunk of @^&*...

I prime with an Automobile style spray brush using zinsser oil based cover stain....

I prefer spin..using both spinners, I can spin 24 plugs at once... I set the timers and forget about them...
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