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Default Re: Coatng with e-tex

Great thread Roccus and thank you for all the info.
I can see by the pics above that you use E-Tex Brand. I can tell this by the box, I have used Parks Superglaze in the woodworking field. How do you find the durability of the Etex epoxy. Have you ever tried and of the other epoxies like Zap, Dubro Devcon, or Parks? I quess from what I have read most folks prefer Envirotex but some don't. Just really want your input on it. Do you find it better to spin then flip flop the plugs?

One or more other things is what type of airbrush do you use and what type of paint. I find for me the bombs are just not what I'm looking for in detail/finish but maybe I need to try harder. The bombs are ok for some of my turned stuff but I want more detail for hand carved lures

Thank you for all your info
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