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Right! Thanks .
Calling vega first is a good idea when I get that far .
when I first started thinking dust collection , the 4" soil and drain was my plan . and probably will still be used when I get down to 4" . With a 13" planer ,jointers,table saws,shapers, sanders etc I opted for a bigger dust collector . The cyclone I chose starts off with a 7" inlet .then reducing to 6" main line ,with all the wyes (6+)branches, blastgates ,floor sweep,flex ends etc. and all the rest of the goodies , I came up with a $400 order to have what I needed. and thats with the economy metal duct. The price of 6" plastic pipe is right up there too. but I think in the end I'll use a combination. I hope to do set the main line with branches soon . like the vega duplicator ...Its only expensive once .
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