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Default Re: Vega Duplicator upgrades and fixes

I found the Vega to be a great little accessory, I added a few of my own improvements, first, My lathe is level and bolted to the bench.... this elimates 90% of all vibrations.... the exception being off center turned or odd shaped wood, also rock maple tends to emit vibrations even with a carbide cutter

As for the Vega, I use only one side of the bench, so once the duplicator is set up, a pair of 3/4" locking collars were installed to allow me to switch from manual to duplicator in less than 30 seconds, I added a lexan cover over the lathe bed with a dust scoop behind it, this keeps everything up top and most of the lighter chips go into the hood, anything left behind is simply swept into the hood.. clean up also keeps the motor from overheating.. very important with a varable speed motor...

I've never had an issue with the cover, once the screw is tightened, it remains that way until I service the duplicator... every 100 plugs or so, I remove the cover and give all the components a shot of the lube, it has never once affected a plug I made, I do it at the end of the night, and it dries on contact... amazing how smoothe it makes things...I didnt take a picture but I changed out the chain roller from soft copper to nylon... kakes it real smoothe..

I changed out the original retainer knobs that came with the dupe that hold the template.... I bought mine at lowes, I believe they were 10.32.... I also made a hardwood tracer, I usualy turn a form freehand then exchange the cutter for the tracer and trace my form onto my template...

and as for the cutter... carbide is the ONLY game in town...
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