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I must have atleast 50+ pair of pliers. I always carry my SOG Powerlocks. They have all the tools I need and has a V-cutter for line. They will cut most if not all hooks. The blades will split a bullet in flight. The SOG blows away the Leatherman which I have like 4 different pair.
Like Roc I carry some linesman pliers along with my SOG. I always have handy a pair of Snap-on stork neddlenose pliers either straight or curved. They are around a foot or so long and come in handy.
For Knives I either use a SOG, a Benchmade or a SpyderCo, easily some of the best knives made. I like the Benchmade and Spyder CO as a guy/custom knife maker I knew and is now deceased designed some knives for them. His name was Bob Lum and he is credited with bringing the Tanto style blade to the US. All 3 of these knife makers use some of the best steel. I would not take a Bob Lum custom with me fishing as I would die if something happened to it. Also for cutting hooks or snap rings I like shear style cutters like the Xuron Micro Shears or similar. I just used that name as I have a pair of them handy-(in my desk)
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