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Default Hampton Estuary Report Sunday 06/27

Decided to fish the outgoing again last night. Went prepared with a 5 gallon bucket of Herring on ice (thanks JimmyJames). No more running out of bait. Got there a little after 7pm. No bites through the very last of the incoming, and the slack. It was quiet until 9pm. Then I got whacked and brought the first one in, about 18". My bud Shane then hooked up and it was on. The fish were right on time. Lots of belly-flopping, topwater action, and bait chasing. Then then on it was just trading fish. If it was for circle hooks, I wouldve come close to breaking my Marsh record of 27 Stripers. I missed upwards of 20 fish, only managed to land 3, biggest about 25". I got smoked by Shane, he landed 8, biggest being a nice plump 26". Again, all fish were real healthy, which is a great thing. I dont see too many sickly Stripers in my marsh. The action was fast paced, and it was definitely a night of catching. We lost ALOT of fish between us, most on missed hooks, but more than several due to line snapping during a fight (not me, I dont kukkah mono), or line snapping when trying to land the fish. Some very sizeable fish were caught, then lost and never seen which is upsetting, but what can ya do. There was 4 million Bass out there, so ya cant complain. Also managed to gut hook a few, but did our best to make sure the fish live. The fish are VERY lively, and really fight like a hell ride, sometimes to the point where they totally exhaust themselves and need to be moved through the water by hand for a few minutes. Had a few go belly up on me, but I dont mind getting in the mud/water to help them along.

I will end in saying that even though no keepers were landed like Saturday night, we caught more last night. And 2 or 3 B I G fish broke off last night. GRRRRR

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