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Default Re: General, Chunking, and Bait/Bottom Fishing Questions

To answer some of your questions:
1. I have my best luck fishing chunk and live herring on the bottom. Never tried blood worms but I am fishing farther north.
2. Try somewhere around 3 oz sinker depending on the current. I like to use a 4 foot leader to a swivel with a slip sinker above it. The current will move the chunk and it is enough to let a live herring get away from the catfish for a while.
3. I like to anchor up on a drop off. That way I have some bait in the deep and some in the shallow.

1. Never tried it
2. Never used them
3. They definitely feed more in the shallows first light and night.
4. They definitely hit at night. Its tough to catch herring at night though.
5. I think most fish spawn farther north.
6. Definitely
7. I like to anchor up somewhere around 20-25ft.
8. Any kind of structure (drop off, Creek flow, sand bar)

Hope this helps and good luck.
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