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Default Shenandoah River Mile 31.5 to 39 5/6

Well, after doing all the errands we had to do before leaving, Ciara and I took off for the River. We went to Front Royal Canoe Company and paid a whopping $25 for a shuttle down to Guest State Park where we put in. Right off the bat we see a 15-16" smallmouth dart through about 4' of water under the canoe. We attempted to throw some baits at it but to no avail. I should've known better, I have never seen one dart like that and caught it. Drifting down river we instantly hooked into fish. Now the shenandoah river had a nasty fish kill last year, they say 80% of the smallmouth were killed off. Not knowing what to expect we started casting Mepps Spinners, I was using a Copper #1 Algia, Ciara was using a Pink and White Rooster Tail with a Chrome Blade. Both instantly produced. Although mine was producing 9-10" smallmouth (fishing with a 5' Shakespeare Graphite ultralite with 4lb test) Ciara's was producing large Bluegills. Both a blast on the tackle we were fishing with. I stopped counting somewhere around 25 fish and that was probably within the first hour of the trip. Ciara caught the first Slot Bass (12") on a Berkley Power Grub. She Was fishing with her Rooster Tail and managed to snag and lose it. So we rigged her with a Mepps Thunder Bug Dressed Treble. It also immediately started producing fish. Anything we threw at these fish yesterday worked, well except my Rebel Killer Crawdad. I pulled that out when we hit some deeper water and that didn't even get a bump. The wind was blowing up river enough to cut our fishing short and forcing us to paddle so we wouldn't be late to the take out. All in all a good day.
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