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Originally Posted by Langevin25
thanks for the input....i haven't decided if I am going to try a shock leader or not. That is a crap load of line you use on your real though. I don't have the $$ to put towards a huge spinning real at this time tho so ill take like 150yds with a little bit of leader in comparison. I'm going to be having a smaller 7' ugly stick with a diawa baitcasting reel. (pretty good one) for throwing plugs and jigs around in the saco.
My pleasure. That and $4.50 will get you a Vente Cappachino at Starbucks

From my perspective, a shock leader is best used with mono and not a braided spectra super line. With mono it allows you to throw a heavier weight a longer distance with a lighter line with much less chance of snapping off the lure, weight or whatever. Talk about a sweeping generalization there. To my mind, a shock leader is unnecessary with a line like PowerPro.

Equipment selection is personal and driven by disposable income. I think you are wise to put the money into a good reel. I've had too many so - so spinning reels *explode* on me in the early days of heavy spinning in the surf circa 1960 or so when I was transisitioning away from conventional for straight casting of plugs.

All the best to you. I am exceedingly envious of you being so close to really quality saltwater fishing. Me? I have to commute 1800 miles R/T But then again I'm an hour's drive to trophy brown, rainbow and steelhead fishing in the AuSable of Michigan. But I'd trade places in a heartbeat.

David N.
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