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Originally Posted by Langevin25
so basically the setup is like a fly fishing setup for freshwater.....except your backing is a mono and the line itself is a braid.....and then leaders are fluorocarbon
Not exactly. With mono and heavy spinning gear (11 foot rod), I will use a shock leader anywhere from ten to twenty feet in length or thereabouts. If my *running line* is 30 pound test for example, my shock leader will be about 50 pound test. I use an Albright knot to attach leader to line. If Blues are an issue, in front of the shock leader will be a short length of bite proof wire. With 65 pound PowerPro onboard, about ten feet of 30 test Flourocarbon leader is used mainly for *visibility* issues and to add some stretch into the equation.

With conventional gear w/PowerPro, the Flurocarbon leader is used to add a bit of stretch into the equation as well as for visibility but here the test of the leader is about 1/2 the test of the line itself. Why? If I get hung up on the bottom, for example at the Canal, it is way easier to break off the 30 pound test leader than it is the PowerPro.

There are many variables to the above which should be considered only an opening salvo of how various folks rig up depanding on their gear and what they fish for and where.

My personal leader of choice is Seaguar Flurocarbon but I understand that *Vanish* is equally as good and about half the cost.

I have found I only need to use two knots - the Albright knot (25 wraps minimum) for connecting PowerPro to leader and a Perfection Loop at the leader end, connecting to a (Sampo) snap swivel. I have also used Palomor knots for that purpose but for me the Perfection Loop ties quicker and is strong enough for my purposes.

My gear?

Spinning: 11 foot Lamiglass KSRA 1322-2 w/Shimano STELLA 16000F w/circa 440 yards of 65 pound test PowerPro. It casts a 3 - 4 ounce lure for a mile. Its sweet spot seems to be about 3.5 ounces, and does well casting two ounces and a bit under in light to no wind. When casting, I close the bail manually. I could go lighter but spooling up with 660 yards of 50 pound PowerPro seems obscene, and I don't like to underwrap with mono. Every year or so I'll reverse the line.

Conventional: 11 foot Lamiglass XS 11 MHC lure weight 3 - 8 ounces. Reel: Penn International 975CSLD loaded with 65 pound PowerPro. Sweet spot remains to be determined but it casts 5 ounces a very decent distance. (understatement) By the way I absolutely love this reel!

Tight Lines my friend.

David Napierkowski
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