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Default Hampton Estuary Report - Saturday May 22

PLenty and plenty of schoolie action. Storm Wildeyes, Charlie Graves tins, and Kastmaster took all the fish today. Had a little over a dozen Stripers, ranging from 12" to 18", between myself, my brother, and his 2 sons. Both of my nephews hooked up which was good. Fisrt ones this year for the both of them :) They were really excited to see some Stripers. There were folks with Mass. plates down there, which I do not understand lol. I wouldve been at Parker River or PI if it were closer to me.

We fish the last hour of high tide (got one Striper), slack, then the outgoing till about quarter past 4 pm, which the rest of the fish were caught. The outgoing seems to be preferable down there this time of yeat. Although the action was pretty good and constant for the most part, no real bigguns to report. I did throw out a 6" Wildeye into the rips in hopes a larger Bass would hit it, but ended up getting a nice hungry schoolie. The Wildeye was much too large for him, yet he hit it anyway lol. Threw the hook after he came out of the water a few times.

Lotsa fun, and great for the kids, cuz the fish are managable and wont pull them from their perch :)

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