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Default Hot Deals Coming Soon @ Pelagic Outfitters

Hello all,

We just returned from a 2 day trade show. It was great to see products under one roof and be able to meet with and pick the brains of all the different reps.
While there we searched out all kinds of close-out deals to pass along as well as other great values.

We stocked up on Lazer TroKar Hooks by Eagle Claw, Owner ; & Mustad, bought all kinds of fantastic deals from Boone ; (Close-outs on Jigs and Lures) as well as the Boone Medium Monster Insulated Fish Bag 20"x65" which we'll be offering at 20% off while our supply lasts.
We have Gaffs, Outrigger Clips, Gloves, Belts & Harnesses coming in from AFTCO.
From Braid we brought in more Belts & Harnesses as well as rounded out our stock on Marauders.

We grabbed deals to create Rod/Reel combos from a few different mfg's (Wright & McGill, Daiwa, Fin-Nor, ; Shimano & Quantum) in different sizes & styles. Once they start to arrive we will let you know. Nice set-ups in the $99.99 - $199.99 price range. With the holidays coming these will make for some great gifts.
We also stocked up on stocking stuffers:
Terminal Tackle & Tools - Scissors, Fillet Knives, Crimpers, Pliers & Cutters.

On the Fluorcarbon front, we freshened our supply of Premier & Blue Label from Seaguar, as well as Momoi & Diamond Presentation in Pink & Clear.

We were also able to grab a smoking deal on 25yd bracelets of Trikfish fluorocarbon from 20# to 100#. You'll need to be sitting down when you see the pricing on these.

If you spool your own reels, then we will make you happy with the slammin' deals we grabbed on Bulk spools of Sufix ; Superior in all weights from 20# - 130#.

A fresh supply of bulk mono is heading our way from Momoi. Hi-Catch & Diamond from 20# to 400# in Clear, Blue & Hi-Vis.
We have also stocked up on Diamond Braid, solid & hollow core from 30# to 200#. As always, feel free to call the shop to discuss your spooling needs.

Lastly, we have filled our inventory on all Rigging Supplies for all who will be going through their tackle and re-rigging during the off season.

Also, our first shipment of Costa Sunglasses has arrived so please give a call to discuss these top notch glasses.

Thanks for all the support we receive.
Chris & Doug
Pelagic Outfitters

Thank you for your support.
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