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Default New to striper fishing - general questions

Hey all, new guy here to striper fishing and fairly new to saltwater fishing in general. I have read through many of the postings here but there are so many postings sometimes it's hard to find the exact info I'm looking for. So if any of your experienced anglers out there have some time to answer this newbie's questions I would much appreciate it. First some info, I am fishing mainly from shore at this time (stone jetties, piers, shore) on the North Shore above Boston, mostly in the Salem harbour and surrounding areas. I am soon going to be fishing from kayak and small boats also. The first day I went out this past weekend caught one nice black sea bass and one 28" striper, second day nothing.

1. Proper line stength and hook size? Using 20lb monofilament along with 40lb leader attached to 1 or 1/0 hooks. Okay set up?

2. Mostly been using shad and squid or sandworms. Caught the black bass on the worm and striper on squid. Been using a 3 way swivel with about 3' of line to my sinker and 18" of leader to my hook, also been hooking entire squid with a double hook set up with one hook through top of squid and one fed through bottom. Better suggestions?

3. I did wonder by fishing in the harbour especially, what effect the tides and weather might have on striper? Do sudden changes in the barometric pressure improve fishing? Fishing from shore certainly high tide brings the fish in closer to me unless I can get my line out to the deeper channels and drop offs?

Thanks all for any info you are willing to share with this newb.
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