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Default New to Surf Casting

Hi Guy's I have not gone surf casting since my Grandfarther died back in the early 70's. I was only 7 then. I have been taking the kids out off captree piers. Having some fun But I always wanted to go surf casting like grandpa did. He was lucky and lived on kenny rd in southold. Just had to go down to the end for some good fishing on Kenny Beach. So I had an old Dawia GS9 sitting down in the basment and had a buddy bought me a 12' beefstick. So we went out last Friday Oct 5. He had never even casted a line before so I thought great this is going to be like fishing with the kids (no time for me to fish). To my suprise he grasped it fast. We started out setting up in causeway bait and tackle at about 7:30pm and then headed to the inlet. Nothing happening at the inlet so at 12am we went to the west end 2. That beach is some hike but I caught my very first Striper it was only 15" but didn't matter. I caught one and let him go to get a little bigger for next time. Also caught a sea robin but you know how that goes. Didn't get home untill 6am. Loved it can't wait to do it again this weekend.
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