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Default Abu Garcia 6500 c3 - need help

Hi all,

I was hoping someone has experience with this reel. I picked this reel up a few weeks ago for fluke and seabass fishing off a boat. I have used the reel 3 times and caught about 20 fish, and only 2 keeper sea bass. So the reel has not been put to heavy use at all. I notice that when I retrieving the line, the handle sometimes spins and the line will not come in. I have to have my drag set pretty tight, too tight for the fishing I am doing to avoid this issue.

I am spooled up with mono, 20 lb test. I am fairly new to baitcasters, and was hoping if someone would be able to point me in the right direction. I did so much research on the reel and am guessing (or hoping) I am missing something stupid. The reviews said this thing was bulletproof.

Thanks in advance.
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