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Originally Posted by Blob View Post
Like I said in the first post, I don't mind driving. I'm willing to go almost anywhere at this point. I've been trying to catch a striper for the past 3 years without any success. I have caught Mackerel but thats it!

Let me know. Thanks
I'd drive down to either Old Orchard Beach (my usual haunt) or if ya don't feel like going that far, Scarborough Beach and fish the low tide (5:32 p.m. Sat/6:16 p.m. Sunday) coming in. My bait of choice would either be chunk mackerel (fresh) on bottom using a fish finder rig or floating sand/blood worms 2 at a time. High tide any other year has produced more than the low, but it seems to be the opposite this year. Get there at dead low to an hour before dead low and fish the majority of the incoming......or fish the whole damn incoming and a couple hours of the outgoing. It's been sporadic to say the least off the beaches around OOB/Scarborough/Saco but if you put the time in you should be rewarded with a fish eventually. Good luck man, hope ya get into them this back and let me know how ya did!!!!
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