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Default Chesapeake Challenge: Sharpen your wits with this Shenandoah quiz

Sharpen your wits with this Shenandoah quiz

Chesapeake Challenge / By Kathleen Gaskell
"Fishing guide now leading the way for Shenandoah River's restoration," is a profile of Riverkeeper Jeff Kelble and his efforts to protect and restore the Shenandoah River. How much do you know about the Shenandoah?
1. The name, Shenandoah, is of unknown Native American origin. "Daughter of the Stars" is the most popular translation. Three of these four choices have also been put forward as the either a translation or source of "Shenandoah." Which of these has not?
A. River through the Spruces
B. River of High Mountains
C. Sparkles over the Rocks
D. It was named for Chief Shenan-doah (whose name means "deer") of the Oneida, who send bushels of dry corn to feed George Washington's troops stationed at Valley Forge.
2. The Shenandoah is 57 miles long with two forks of 100 miles each. What area the names of these two forks?
A. East & West
B. East & North
C. North & South
D. West & South
3. What is the name of the city where the two branches of the river in the question two converge?
A. Appomattox, VA
B. Front Royal, VA
C. Port Republic, VA
D. Staunton, VA
4. How large is the watershed for the Shenandoah River?
A. 2,000 square miles
B. 2,500 square miles
C. 3,000 square miles
D. 3,500 square miles
5. Which European explorer led the expedition that crested the Blue Ridge and saw the Shenandoah River Valley?
A. John Alden
B. John Bertram
C. John Lederer
D. John Smith
6. For a brief time, the song, "Oh Shenandoah" was once under consideration for the state song of Virginia. (It doesn't specifically mention Virginia, which may explain why this effort failed.) The lyrics vary slightly from place, but in almost every case, the singer says that he/she longs to see the "rolling river" of Shenandoah, but "Away, I'm bound away 'cross the wide" What river made the singer homesick for the Shenandoah?
A. Mississippi
B. Missouri
C. Ohio
D. Red
7. The United States is not the only country with a Shenandoah River. Which of these countries has a Shenandoah River in its West Coast Region?
A. Australia
B. Costa Rica
C. New Zealand
D. Paraguay

Read the entire story in the Chesapeake Bay Journal....
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