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Default New guy from shore

I've fished South Jersey for largemouths for 45 years but somehow either ignored or didn't believe the Delaware River striper fishery. I am determined to do something about that and have been researching things to death. Probably now on research overload! I'd like to just pose some questions and see if you can help. I fish for bass out of a canoe...can't do that on the river obviously... so my Delaware River fishing will be limited to bank fishing from Commodore Barry up to Walt Whitman.
  1. What size circle hooks primarily?
  2. Is there a preference for fishing the hours leading to a high tide or low tide? If so, which is preferred?
  3. March through May - primarily bloodworms or are there other baits to try? I'm certainly also willing to use any and all lures. Can some be successful?
  4. Since I'm limited to shore areas, will I be able to have some "alone time" or will I be shoulder to shoulder with everyone?
Any other help or advice would really be appreciated! Thanks
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