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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Brinkmans Bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.
Friday March 25, 2010

They are getting a striper here and there. Anthony was down at Linden Avenue with fresh herring only to have one hit. But the next day he headed up to Station Avenue and had a fisherman pick up a 22 inch fish with bloodworms. Another customer yesterday picked up 2 fish both under 24 inches. He again was using bloodworms. There was another fish caught off Princeton Avenue on Wednesday in the rain 27 inches. This fish was caught with bloodworms. Everyone else has been striking out on stripers with some catfish hitting. Paul who is fishing down river in Essington has been catching plenty of catfish with some eels here and there but so far not a striper. At the UPS building I have been hearing of stripers 20 to 28 inches being caught but that is only word of mouth. One order for a flat of bloodworms to a customer that is fishing from the airport down to the flats telling me this customer must be catching fish. Way down river at Salem they have still been doing real good with stripers and white perch at the warm water discharge. Here again bloodworms has been the best bait with earthworms, herring and shrimp also working. The river has cleared up quite a bit but the water temperature is still in the mid 40's. I think once it hits 50 degrees all hell will break loose. But for the lower river that is all I have for you so far.
The upper river has come alive with shad. Chris Gatley on Sunday said the fish were so hot that 3 rods were hooked up most of the time. They caught over 40 fish in the afternoon. Mike was up to Yardley and a guide was coming out with 5 live shad and they told him that they picked up another 10 fish that were released. A fisherman off the New Hope wing dam picked up 2 shad with spoons both about 3 pounds. He said they were both large buck fish and hit right in the fast water. The last report for shad was a fisherman at the Trenton bridges catching 7 fish with spoons right below the railroad bridge. He said the water here has been a bit dirty but the fish have not minded. He has also been fishing down in the power plant but said the fishing here has been very slow. Now Tom up at Stockton had a couple good days with some good walleyes. He has been out trolling shallow crankbaits and also throwing twister tails and tubes. This week he had a couple days with 8 fish up to 25 inches.
Other reports this week have been slow. I think with the cold rainy weather most guys took the week off. Ron was down to the art museum and had a couple bad days with no walleyes, shad or stripers.

If anyone is interested we were able to get some river herring back in stock. It will be $6.00 a pack of 3. I know with the big striper tournament this week some people will be very interested. Bill
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