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Default Re: Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing License

Who needs a license?

In order to fish recreationally for finfish in Rhode Island's marine waters, saltwater anglers and spearfishers must have:
  • A RI Recreational Saltwater Fishing License, or
  • A National Saltwater Angler Registration, or
  • A recreational saltwater fishing license from a reciprocal state
Licenses can also be obtained, anytime, via the license program's online service here, as long as you have a credit card. Licenses may also be obtained at participating bait and tackle shops. Some of them may accept a cash payment from regular customers.
The cost of the license is $7 per year for RI residents and $10 per year for non-residents. A temporary seven-day license is also available for $5. The license is free for anglers older than 65 and for active military personnel who are stationed in Rhode Island. Mastrati says no license is required of anglers under 16 years of age, for anglers fishing on licensed charter and party boats, for anglers who are on leave from active military duty, and for anglers who are blind or permanently disabled.
The new license program is designed to improve the quality of marine recreational fishing data. License fee revenues cannot be used for any purpose that is unrelated to RI marine recreational fishing.
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