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Default Re: Dumbfounded....................

Long past due, way too long.
I guess the embarassment of my statements may have contributed to why it has taken so long.
I must take the opportunity to openly opologize to the RISAA members, and the leadership of the oganization I insulted in a childish manner of name calling.
I will neither try to justify with reasons or give worthless excuses.

I openly opologize, and am truly sorry for the statements I made.
I am truly gratefull for the outstanding work that RISAA has done for the anglers of Rhode Island and the work they continue to do for us here.

I was extremely wrong in what I did, and hope that I can some how amend what I did with future support for RISAA and the folks that Thanklessly, on many occaisions, do the things they believe are right for all of us that affected by the political system.

I pray that all of you can accept my humble opology so that we can continue to move forward with what we all hold near and dear to our hearts, and that is what is right and just for the salt water anglers every where.
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