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Default Re: Brinkmans Philadelphia and Eastern Pa. area Fishing report

Brinkmans Bait and Tackle
Linden Ave
Philadelphia Pa.
Friday July 9, 2010

The heat is the main thing to report for this past week. And with all this heat it has just about killed business. I was up on the river on Tuesday all day and I only talked to one other fisherman all day. There were a couple pleasure boats running around but for fisherman the one boat and no waders. And that was in 5 miles of river. Now the river is about he lowest I have ever seen it. But the low water was not the problem it was all the algae and snot balls floating down river. The fast water was bad but when you hit slack water it was next to impossible to fish. We fished from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. and picked up 32 smallmouth bass. The size of the smallmouth were the best I have seen in many years. Most of the fish we had were 12 to 14 inches. We also picked up a couple 16 to 18 inch fish. Most of the fish were caught on minnows but watermelon grubs were well also. After breaking for dinner we went back out for several hours and did not have a single hit. In all that time I only seen 2 fish jump. The other boat I talked to was also fishing live minnows and grubs and had a fair day. He was wading the middle of the river most of the day and said he picked up about 15 fish. Now Jay was up to Washington's Crossing and all he did was fight with people swimming the river. He said next the swimmers it was the agile and heat that almost killed him. Not much for fish that day. Rob over the weekend fished the islands at Yardley and picked up a couple fish. He only fished a couple hours having to get to our picnic on Sunday. A few other guys were up fishing the islands above the 95 bridge on Saturday catching 15 smallmouth bass. These guys picked up most of their fish with live minnow. Kevin has still been catching 15 to 30 fish each trip out fishing in the Stockton section of the river. He has been doing best with live minnows and Zoom grubs. Charlie dropped down river and fished around the walk bridge at Bull's Island this week and did pretty good fishing with Rebel crayfish, grubs and tubes. He said on Monday he landed about 20 fish and Wednesday was his best day of the year with over 32 fish. He picked up fish up to 19 inches. J.R. wading the river at Point Pleasant picked up allot of nice smallmouth bass with grubs and minnows. He said that day they would hit minnows for so long then switch right over to grubs. He had about 25 fish. With all these reports I was really shocked that only smallmouth bass are being caught. Now I drifted over allot of catfish but I did not hear of a single catfish, striper, perch or rock bass in the upper river this past week. Now in the lower river they are doing very good with catfish and perch fishing with bloodworms, herring, chicken livers, shrimp, clams and bagels. The fishing has been best early in the morning or late in the afternoons. During the heat of the day even the catfishing drops off. Right off Linden Avenue over the weekend they caught allot of stripers 10 to 12 inches with catfish up to 21 inches. Another customer on Saturday picked up over 25 stripers at Station Avenue with bloodworms. Again all the fish were 10 to 15 inches. With all the heat we did hear back from one of the largemouth bass fisherman that fish the lower river. Most of these guys are out in the afternoon and I really think they did not want to deal with the heat.
Saltwater action has been great for the guys that are brave enough to deal with the heat. Early in the week the weather was nice down the shore but that changed as the week went on. But with all the fish that are being caught there are more small fish and junk fish being caught then good eating fish. The flounder guys in the south have been just catching all the flounder they want. But if you catch 30 to 40 fish a day all but 1 maybe 2 will go back. One of Anthony's friends call today and had over 20 fish in the back bay without a keeper. Fred was in fishing out front of Sea Isle picking up 35 to 40 fish each trip out with only 3 keepers all week. He said the 3 were out of 100 +. Off Cape May the same story is holding true on the catch, keeper ratio. Plenty of fish but not many keepers. Up at Fortasque they have been doing very good with flounder but again allot of throw backs. Off the Miss Fortasque a customer this past week picked up 22 flounder but did have 3 keepers. He said the 3 were 20 to 22 inches enough for several good meals. The crabbing here has been real good with most boats still coming in with 3 to 4 dozen keepers each trip out. They have been using allot of chicken, bunker and salted eels. In the back allot of small stripers and perch are also being caught with bloodworms, clam strips and squid. Kingfishing has still been very good from North Wildwood up through Atlantic City, Margate and Ventnor. These beach and pier fisherman have been doing best with live bloodworms and Fish Bites in bloodworm. They have been catching anywhere from 5 to 15 fish each trip down. Now mixed in there have been allot of sharks and skates being caught with mackerel or kingfish heads. John has still been doing good on small flounder fishing behind the casinos in Atlantic City. He has been sticking with Gulp mullet with a jig head. Again nothing in the keeper size. Up off Sandy Hook another John did pick up a few smaller stripers last Sunday afternoon. He was fishing with clams on the bottom to land these fish. He said the biggest was 22 inches. But he did pick up one bluefish about 8 pounds fishing a diamond jig. Now for big numbers of fish the guys heading down to the Chesapeake have been doing great with spots and small croakers. These guys are fishing with bloodworms and Fish Bites. Quick add in from a customer that has been fishing north for flounder around the Red Church in about 30 feet of water catching 4 keepers last Saturday with 15 throw backs. He said the keepers were all 20 to 22 inches. All these fish were picked up with bucktails and dropper loops with 6 inch Gulp twister tails. He said everyone on the boat had about the same ratio with allot of nice fish. The captain told him they will be moving to deeper water as the temperature starts to move up.
Other spots in this area, Core Creek did slow up allot this past week for largemouth bass. All three guys were up this week and they only picked up 2 bass both on the small side. Not for trying with these guys up several different times fishing with all kinds of lures. Now a few other guys were down fishing off the dam saying plenty of bluegills and perch are still hitting on mealworms, earthworms, small minnows, shiners and small jigs. Jim took a morning and headed up to Fall's Township and worked plastic worms for several hours only to catch 1 bass. This fish was about 12 inches. He watched several other guys working the shoreline but not much was going on. One boat he seen did have a couple walleyes jigging in deeper water. He thinks they were fishing live minnows. The Neshaminy has really gotten shallow and full of algae. Several guys are catching some small bass, rock bass and bluegills but nothing to speak of. The problem has been working any jigs, crankbaits or minnows with each cast you have to spend time cleaning all the green off your hook. Here at least you can work top water without too much problem. On customer was in the upper part of the Neshaminy at Dark Hallow Road picking up 2 bass both about 15 inches. He was up working his fly rod for several hours looking for a stray trout with no luck. So he whipped out his spinning rod with a grub to catch these two fish. Noxamixion was slow this week. John called me on Sunday and said after the day he had on Saturday he was passing till next week. Saturday he worked the pads before sun up only to miss about 6 bass. He worked out off he pads as the morning went on with worms and lizards to pick up 3 bass all about 9 inches. He shot over tot he dam and fished some of the ledges without a bite. So home he headed. One other report from this lake was a fisherman working a weedless Spro frog to catch 2 decent bass. He picked these two fish right out of the thick pads and both were 2 to 3 pounds. Off the dam another customer fished some live worms and minnows only catching a couple sunfish and a eels. He said he was going to head down the spillway but after a couple hours another fisherman came up to the dam telling him all morning he did not have a fish down below. Ron has been both at Roosevelt Lake and along the Schuylkill river. He said the lake has been pretty good for panfish with small jigs and grubs. Most of the fish have been bluegills and crappies. No big bass or snake heads have been picked up in several weeks. There is allot of fish breaking the surface of the lake in the afternoons but Ron has fished all kinds of surface lures and crankbaits with no luck. In the Schuylkill river he has done pretty good on smallmouth bass fishing with minnows, nightcrawlers and grubs. He is also doing pretty good on small catfish with nightcrawlers and chicken livers. He has talked to allot of other fisherman that have been wading for smallmouth bass doing very good with grubs, top water lures, minnows and crayfish. I had one other customer fishing this river down below the art museum doing pretty good on smaller stripers, catfish and carp. He has been picking up the stripers with bloodworms, chicken livers and clams. The catfish have been hitting the chicken livers and clams. The carp with blueberry and cinnamon raison bagels. No report from any of the lakes or rivers in jersey this past week.
Well that is all I have for you again this week. I will be heading up state next week so the report will be a day or so late. Don't know how much fishing I will be able to do with tons of work to catch up on.
7-6- Out of the Big D yesterday and found the smallmouth bass fishing very good. Fished right at 95 bridge with your minnows and landed 9 fish. Biggest fish was 15 inches with the small fish being 12 inches. We also seen allot of shad breaking so fishing with top water I thought the action would break loose. Well I have been wrong before and was wrong again. Not a single fish taken out of the pods of baitfish. The one we caught were in the fast water. Glen
7-6- Wanted to let you guys know how our vacation turned out. Rented a place on Beltzville Resiviour and fished in waters that I know nothing about. We tried to stay close to the shore line and fished all kinds of spinner baits, crankbaits, plastic worms, rattle traps and twsiter tails. Well it was not hard to catch perch, crappies, largemouth bass and pickerel. Nothing giant but allot of action. I would say the first couple days we pulled in 25 to 50 fish each day. But we talked to a few boats that were out fishing the deeper water with slip sinkers and live shiners. So we took the advice and headed out to about where to fish. Well the first cast I caught my first walleye about 21 inches. Well as the day went on we did pick up a few bigger smallmouth bass but after hitting a hump we now are on the fish. Well my daughters first fish was 21 inches. Hell I have not caught one that big yet. Well the next two days we boated another 3 walleyes and 27 smallmouth bass between 14 and 19 inches. Great time. Booked up for next year. Schmidt family!!!!
7-4-Holiaday weekend has been really good with all the warm weather fishing for smallmouth bass. We have been fishing the upper delaware at Upper Black Eddie and other than all the low dirty water the fishing has been great. Fishing with your minnows and what we can catch turing rocks over we pulled in 17 bass today. Yesterday we fished the nighttime and caught 11. Nothing big but fat fighting fish.
7-2- Hi Bill, Not much to report from me.... my wife and i went up to Levittown Lake on wed (6/30) got there @6am and stayed til noon, not one bite ! We used mealworms,power baits, and nights and tried all kinds of lures top and bottom and had no hits. We went out again to Rohm Haas on thurs the next day. Got there @ 5:30am and stayed til 1pm again nothing, not one hit, seen alot of jumping on top of the water but couldnt get anything to bite. We used live minnows, (both under a bobber and on bottom), nights and mealworms and i tried all kinds of lures and nothing would bite. Both places were dead ! Kevin & Glenda
7-2- Fished from land in the back bay then in the surf at Ship Bottom and got skunked for the first time in ages. Used minnows and clams trying to get some of the flounder I've been hearing about, but not even a nibble. Perhaps it was the tides or the water that day (which was listed at 61 but felt colder). Strange trip, frustrating too, though hey, it beats working.
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